Hydrogen Compressor Solutions

Reciprocating Compressor Technologies for the Hydrogen Transition

As the energy industry pursues clean, sustainable solutions, hydrogen is rising to the top. Cook Compression has years of experience extending run times in high-pressure hydrogen and hydrogen-blend applications in refineries. Our experience, combined with our state-of-the-art development capabilities, position us for partnership as hydrogen energy advances.

Hydrogen power
Oil refinery

Hydrogen in Refineries

In current refinery applications, Cook Compression has successfully implemented cylinder rings, packing cases, rod rings and compressor valves that withstand the challenges of compressing hydrogen gas.

Our high-performing line of TruTech® polymer materials for piston, rider and rod rings, for example, have proven successful in extreme low dew point conditions, and our Manley® and Optima™ valves have both performed reliably in the light gas. Technologies like our Vortex Cooling® packing cases are well suited to non-lubricated operation.

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Hydrogen as Energy

Cook Compression can help transition existing infrastructure to accommodate new operational requirements of hydrogen-blend pipelines and hydrogen as a fuel.

Compressor rerates and gas composition changes can be managed in collaboration with our application engineering, project services, field services and research & development teams.

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Green energy technologies

Preparing for a Green Hydrogen Future

The Cook Compression Innovation Team is ready to work with OEMs and aftermarket partners on new equipment and reliable technologies for 100% hydrogen reciprocating compressor applications.

Already in development are durable materials for hydrogen environments, as well as valve and cylinder seal designs suitable for the gas compositions, speeds and pressures expected for hydrogen storage, pipeline, and refuelling applications.

Our Development Capabilities

Manley compressor valve cutaway

Proven Valve Performance

Thousands of Cook Manley® compressor valves are running successfully in hydrogen and hydrogen-rich compression applications at pressures up to 690 bar (10,000 psi). Cook Compression also has a strong foundation of steel plate valves that can be custom-engineered for optimum performance in high speeds, high pressure ratios and non-lubricated applications.
TruTech engineered polymer material

Specially Formulated Polymers

With its TruTech® materials line, Cook Compression has developed proprietary polymer materials specifically for non-lubricated operation in dry and bone-dry gases. Several of these materials are already known to perform well in hydrogen.
BTUU seal rings - low-emissions rod ring technology

Effective Sealing for Light Gas

As a light gas, hydrogen is more susceptible to leakage. Cook Compression offers a combination of advanced material technologies and sealing component designs able to ensure extremely low leak rates and maintain high gas purity.