Refinery Compressor Solutions

Maximize Compressor Run Times

Refining processes, whether hydrocracking, catalytic cracking, catalytic reforming or others, put reciprocating compressor run times at a premium.

Cook Compression applies its long expertise, advanced technologies and performance analytics to provide highly engineered solutions that prevent unscheduled downtime and extend mean time before overhaul.

Refinery with engineer

Compressor Valves Optimized for Dirty Service

Debris and high pressures in refining can challenge valve reliability and performance, and lead to leakage. Cook Compression has developed two valve styles ideal for these operating conditions. Moreover, we custom engineer all of our valves to the specific application.

Manley compressor valve

Radiused-Disc Valves

The Manley® compressor valve is the world-standard for radiused-disc valves, with thousands running in hydrogen and hydrogen-rich compressors at refineries.

Foreign debris in the gas passes through the Manley valve with minimal impact, while the valve’s thermoplastic discs conform closely to the valve seat for a highly effective seal. The valve body, springs and bolts are constructed from carefully selected alloys that exhibit high resistance to corrosion.

Upgraded Moppet compressor valve

Multi-Disc Valves

The MOPPET® valve also offers a rugged construction for reliability in refining processes. Valve flow paths are designed to accommodate dirty flow; each valve element is designed for damage resistance; and, for flare gas applications, materials are selected to handle the challenges of corrosion.

Optional elastomer-enhanced seal elements can flex and conform to valve seats that are damaged or worn, retaining a gas-tight seal and protecting the seat surface itself. In a field test of an E2 MOPPET valve on a hydrogen compressor with chronic valve problems, an analyzer revealed no indications of leakage even after months of continuous service.

Sentrix gas flow meter - inline meter

Gas Flow Measurement

Sentrix™ flow measurement technology provides a convenient, cost-effective solution for refineries to measure leakage from packing case vent flow and meet US EPA Greenhouse Gas Reporting Rules.

Sentrix inline meters are calibrated for a specific gas composition, with calibrations available for most gases, including hydrogen, methane and carbon dioxide. Sentrix portable meters are provided with six field-selectable factory gas calibrations.

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Emissions Control

Cook Compression can not only help you measure your emissions; we can also provide system upgrades and technical support to help your refinery meet emissions requirements.

Our repair services restore packing cases, pistons, rods and valves to factory specifications, while component upgrades can extend component service life and enhance sealing performance.

Sealing technology upgrades include:

  • Low-Friction technology for purge and vent seals for high-performance sealing and extended service life
  • COOK CLEAN®T sealing systems to prevent fugitive emissions, with an optional monitoring system to allow proactive maintenance
  • Cook low-emissions rod packing to increase sealing efficiency along the piston rod, especially at higher pressures

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Cook Clean Sealing System

Looking for comprehensive project management services?

The Cook Compression projects group can add its expertise to your team for performance optimization, diagnostics, and life-cycle improvements.

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