Fuel Gas Injector Valves

Valve Replacement Made Easy

Save time, simplify maintenance and maximize productivity with the patented Rebecca® Cartridge Valve System from Cook Compression.

The two-part cartridge valve system consists of a permanent valve body (“cage”) and replaceable cartridge assembly. The cartridge contains the complete valve mechanism and seat.

To remove a cartridge, simply swing the engine rocker arm out of the way and unscrew the cartridge from the top of the cage. The cage and all fuel gas piping remain in place, and the only tool needed is a socket wrench.

To install a Rebecca cartridge, simply replace the gasket and screw in the cartridge.

Ordinary fuel valve replacement can take up to three hours. A typical Rebecca cartridge change-out takes only 10 to 15 minutes.

Rebecca fuel gas injector valve for Clark engines
Illustration of installed Rebecca fuel case injector valve - cage and cartridge

Conversions for Most Engines

Cooper, Clark and Worthington integral engines are easily adapted for the Rebecca system. For most applications, Cook Compression supplies a new cage. Upon request, the original cage of certain models can be modified to accept the Rebecca cartridge.


  • Fugitive emissions control
  • Proprietary long-life sealing element
  • Works with mechanical or hydraulic lifters
  • Simplifies maintenance, minimizes downtime
  • Quality and reliability field-proven worldwide in a variety of applications