Reciprocating Compressor Repair and Support

Complete Cylinder-End Repair Services

Refurbishing key components of a reciprocating compressor is an economical alternative to new part replacement. Equally important for machines supporting critical processes, the turnaround time for repairs can be significantly shorter than acquisition times for new parts.

Cook Compression provides complete cylinder-end repair services for all major reciprocating compressors, with unmatched expertise in high-pressure compressor applications.

Piston rod induction hardening at Odessa service facility

From reconditioning services for compressor valves, packing cases, rods, pistons and cylinders, to expert repairs for connecting rods, crossheads and distance pieces, Cook Compression does it all.

Strategically located facilities, specialized equipment, highly experienced technicians and extensive engineering support enable Cook to provide the quality and responsive service that compressor operators need to reduce costs and maximize equipment availability.

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Where reconditioning is not feasible, Cook Compression manufactures quality replacement parts.

Cylinder Services

Cook Compression provides cylinder repairs, relining and resizing, as well as reconditioning of unlined cylinders with advanced coatings. We then follow up with hydrostatic pressure testing and cylinder recertification.

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Piston and Rod Services

Return worn compressor rods, plungers and pistons to as-new condition. Capabilities include rod resurfacing, grinding and thread rolling; restoration of ring and rider band grooves; conversions to non-lubricated service; and more.

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Packing Case Repair

Improve profitability and reduce fugitive emissions with expert packing case repair from Cook Compression. Our best-practice processes include verification of cup faces’ parallelism, cup depths, pressure packing ring clearances and packing case alignment.

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Compressor Valve Repair

No matter your valve style, Cook Compression offers expert repair and reconditioning services, and guarantees the service life of the reconditioned valve to be equivalent to that of a new valve in similar operating conditions.

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Frame and Running Gear Repairs

Our turnkey service for connecting rods, crossheads and distance pieces extends component service life and reduces equipment downtime while ensuring compressor reliability.

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Hyper Compressor Services

Our specialized knowledge of hyper compressor machines informs our complete package of service solutions: valve and packing case repair, plunger reconditioning, cylinder repair, troubleshooting, and performance and reliability upgrades.

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