Optima Series Plate Valves

Optimized Plate Valve Performance

Optima™ Series plate valve assemblies and internal components are bespoke solutions for air and process gas compressors, as well as compressors in refrigeration, marine, locomotive brake, and specialty applications.

Application-specific engineering together with precision manufacturing produces plate valves that enhance compressor availability, solve chronic valve problems, and reduce overall costs of operation.

Optima plate valve
Disassembled Optima plate valve

Custom-Engineered Replacements for OEM Valves

Optima Series plate valves are interchangeable with valves supplied by original equipment manufacturers. Unlike ordinary replacement parts, however, Optima Series valves and components are custom-engineered to deliver maximum value in operation.

Valve assemblies are manufactured to any specification, with minimal sizing limitations and a wide range of design options, including:

  • Central or frictionless guides
  • Damped or undamped design depending on application
  • Helical coil or plate / leaf springs
  • Metallic or thermoplastic materials
  • Combination, concentric or non-return (check) valve designs


  • Drop-in replacement plate valve assemblies and internal parts
  • Custom engineering for optimum performance
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturing centers
  • Advanced design and material options
  • Highly experienced valve engineering staff
  • Sophisticated valve dynamics simulation, 3D CAD modeling, linear and non-linear FEA
Valve plates from Optima series plate valve
Optima plate valve with finger unloader