Valve Restraints

A Secure Solution

For improved safety, better valve retention and reduced fugitive emissions, Cook Compression specializes in high-security valve restraints.

Cook Compression HSR designs distribute load over multiple studs to significantly reduce typical installation torque requirements. Each stud requires less than half the torque of single-bolt designs, so installation is easier and loading on valves is more accurate. Just as important, HSR restraints stay tight without the need for periodic tightening.

HSR valve restraint
HSR valve restraint using existing cage


  • Multi-stud design reduces torque requirements by 50% or more
  • Allows easy, accurate loading of cage and valve
  • Reduces risk of damage to valve, cage and cylinder
  • Reliable O-ring seals control emissions better than gaskets or lead washers
  • Easy, economical field retrofit to most compressors
  • Optional configurations offer flexibility and economy
  • Flanged retainer design improves safety by preventing the retainer from backing out under pressure
  • Available with pneumatic unloader assemblies