PTFE-Based TruTech Materials

Custom and Modified PTFE Materials

PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) materials are the most common type of material used in reciprocating compressor piston, rider and packing rings. The TruTech® materials line from Cook Compression includes custom PTFE and modified PTFE materials that provided superior durability and optimum performance characteristics for your application.

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PTFE Material Properties

Due to its unique molecular arrangement, PTFE has an extremely low coefficient of friction. In addition, it is non-reactive with most common gases and liquids and has excellent chemical resistance.

It can be continuously used at temperatures up to 250°C (490°F) and works well at extremely low (cryogenic) temperatures.

Reinforcing fillers, wear resistant additives and self-lubricating fillers are typically applied to enhance the properties of PTFE. Fillers are selected and combined to reduce wear and improve performance based on the specific operating environment.

Material Grades Tailored to Operating Requirements

Depending on compressor lubrication, gas composition, temperature and other operating conditions, Cook Compression may propose PTFE materials of standard, upgrade or specialty grade. For specific material properties, please reference the TruTech materials catalog.

Standard PTFE Materials

Standard grade PTFE materials, using fillers such as glass fiber, MoS2, graphite or carbon, provide good friction, wear and mechanical properties in lubricated and low severity non-lubricated service. TruTech standard PTFE materials include:

  • P1110
  • P1120
  • P1130
  • P1140
  • P1150
  • P1160
  • P1170
  • P1210
  • P1220
Upgrade PTFE Materials

For more challenging conditions – higher temperatures, higher pressures and/or harsh chemicals – Cook Compression typically specifies upgraded PTFE material variants. TruTech upgrade PTFE materials include:

  • P2210
  • P2220
  • P2410
  • P2420
  • P2430
  • P2510
Specialty PTFE Materials

Bone-dry non-lubricated service, problem gases and other niche applications use specialty PTFEs with premium fillers, propriety formulations and propriety processing methods. TruTech materials in this class include:

  • P3200
  • P3300
  • P3310
  • P3320
  • P3330

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Complete In-house Processing Capabilities

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